Coolers (bottled water dispenser)


Our Coolers/Dispensers


Our water coolers are rented by the month, giving you the benefit of service
and warranty without the long-term commitment. Each cooler takes up approximately 1 square foot of space and does require electricity. 

We have 2 different types of coolers for rent: 


  • Cook/Cold: Offering cold water for drinking and room temperature water for cooking or filling up ice trays or coffee/tea makers. 
  •  Hot/Cold: Offering cold water for drinking and instant hot water for making instant tea, hot cocoa & soups, etc! 


Don't want to use electricity? No problem, we sell ceremic or stainless steel crocks your 3 or  5-gallon bottle will dispense from. The crocks can sit on your counter, table, stand or you can purchase a stand from us.

Have your own cooler/dispenser?

Not a problem at all, we will still deliver our  3 or 5 gallon bottles!

Too big/Too much?

If you don't have space for the cooler or crock, we do have cases of bottles you can place directly into your fridge! Please see our water page for more information.