Coffee & Sqwincher


We are excited to be a distributor of Henderson Coffee. We sell coffee to homes and offices. For convenience stores or plumbed coffee brewers; please contact Henderson Coffee. 

We carry all your coffee needs:

       > commercial and home brewers

       > pre-measured coffee in filter packs

       > loose ground coffee

      > k-cups

       >hot chocolate, apple cider

      > powdered creamers (regular & flavored)

       >sugar & sweetners

....if you have a specific need/want please call us and we will check our options


Coffee Options

House Blend

42 pots of pre-measured & filtered coffee grounds (1.5 oz. per filter pack). Designed with the Midwest coffee drinker in mind with a smooth taste profile, try without creamer or sugar first to discover its best characteristics.

Dark Roast

40 pots of pre-measured & filtered coffee grounds (1.75 oz. per filter pack). Blended to give a darker color, bolder flavor but still is not masked by cream or sugars.


36 pots of pre-measured & filtered coffee grounds (2 oz. per filter pack) 

Sqwincher Products

Hydration Solutions for the Working World "because dehydration is a threat in every season"

The heat and cold makes you lose more fluids regardless of outdoor conditions. The loss of fluids increases when you factor in the clothing, gear and equipment, the indoor or outdoor climate and the length and rigors of the activity. Because of these factors, there is great potential for dehydration, heat/cold stress and heat/cold illness. Because the body is 60% water, this loss can be punishing  if not replaced quickly and effectively with electrolyte-powered fluids. 

One Source Water carries concentrated liquids you can either use per cup, bottle and/or water cans in many flavors, we keep favorite  flavors in stock but can order others!

Fast packs are a convenient and easy way to keep hydrated on the go. Just tear open, add water to fill-line and enjoy; no muss-no fuss!

For OKLAHOMA summer heat, the freezer pops are a favorite for a refreshing, frozen hydration alternative. Assorted flavors of  Cherry, Grape, Lemon-Lime, Orange and Mixed Berry make for a great selection.